Leader in the professional distribution of electrical and lighting products

        ELBI Electric & Lighting is a company that offers a complete range of electrical products, industrial and decorative light fixtures as your trusty partner. We are present on the Romanian market due to the trust and security offered to our collaborators.

        Our goal is to become the first customer choice in Romania when it comes to buying electrical and lighting equipment and products.

Leader in the professional distribution of electrical and lighting products

Our brands

ELBI offers a wide range of product categories amongst it’s own brands which cover different segments of the electrical equipment market, from premium positioning to good value for money segment.

Key Figures

National distribution coverage, a solid department of logistics and transport and our own dedicated brands count for up to 40% of total sales. These are just a few of the facts that make ELBI a successful business.

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  ELBI is continuously developing its product portfolio following the international market trends. On the local market and in several segments, ELBI is the leading player when it comes to electrical equipment, industrial and decorative lighting and also street lighting.

  At the same time, the company has a direct focus in delivering quality products at a good value for money in the shortest time. Due to the high volume of sales and customers in Romania and abroad, ELBI has developed 8 locations in the most important cities in the country. See where you can find us!

Want to become our partner?

Do you want to have a better sales performance and a high customer satisfaction? Then come and join ELBI Electric & Lightning partner group.

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