Total Green

Total Green

Total Green was developed by ELBI Electric & Lighting from the need to protect the environment and make energy consumption more efficient. At the moment, environmental protection and energy efficiency holds a very important place, both in the concern of ELBI Electric & Lighting and modern society.

Through Total Green we can achieve one of ELBI's missions, such as replacing classical light bulbs with LEDs, which is a great measure of reducing the impact on the environment we live in. Energy consumption is considerably lower, up to 80% less than traditional technologies. At the same time, Total Green has in its portfolio light bulbs that lasts 5 time longer, designed according to the European standards.

The brand's product range provides customers with efficient and economical products that deliver long-term benefits. In this way, the consumer's budget does not suffer and the environment is protected.

High-quality light, diversified offer and new tech products have led to the popularity of the brand and holds an important place in customer preferences. At Total Green we always guarantee 100% safe and efficient products and we will always be there to provide solutions that fit your needs.

LED EVO17 A60 13W


Total Green Edison A19

Spotlight LED IP65