“Fishing Challenge” with ELBI Electric & Lighting and Netvolt

“Fishing Challenge” with ELBI Electric & Lighting and Netvolt

02.06.2017 in Events

“Fishing Challenge”, organized by ELBI Electric & Lighting and Netvolt, took place on Saturday and Sunday on May 27 and 28. The event was dedicated to the passionate fishermen, partners and collaborators of ELBI and Netvolt, and took place on Corneşti 1 fishing spot, Catunu, Dâmboviţa County.

The competition began on Saturday, 8:00 am, when the competitors drew their places on the fishing spot. There were 33 teams, each of two members. The judging was carried out by a professional referee with experience in sport fishing. The contest took place in the “catch and release” manner, all the fish being released after weighing without being injured.

There were three weighings of the catches, the prizes being awarded for the first, second and third places according to the total weight of fish caught by each team. The contest ended on Sunday at 12 o'clock. The big prize was won by Scat Sistem SRL team from Bucharest, Top Heat Clima team from Constanta took second place and Valiondo team from Ploiesti got third place. The special prize for the biggest fish caught was awarded to Top Instal SRL from Cluj Napoca.
Special thanks goes to the participants and the catering team from bucatariamobila.ro.