Green Corner

ELBI Electric & Lighting S.R.L manages the following waste streams: packaging waste, electrical and electronic equipment waste, used batteries and accumulators, household waste.

As a manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment, ELBI Electric & Lighting S.R.L finances, according to the provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance no. 5 of 2015 on Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste, Collection, Treatment, Recovery and Elimination of Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste. The company is a founding member of the Eco Lighting Collect Asociation, an entity that takes over the obligations of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers to meet legal obligations in terms of the proper management of electrical and electronic equipment waste.

At the same time, our company opted for giving responsibility to an authorized collective organization in the field of packaging waste management and used batteries and accumulators.

Regarding package waste, in addition to participating in the collective management system, S.C. ELBI Electric & Lighting S.R.L also acts individually, reusing waste through economic operators authorized by the competent authorities.

Domestic waste is taken over by the sanitation operator prior to taking over the company by sorting them for selective collection of all fractions that may be subject to recovery processes.

ELBI Electric & Lighting S.R.L's environmental action plan, developed in accordance with the Community principles on waste prevention and waste management, are shaped as follows:

• develop an integrated management system for all types of waste that we generate, which allows traceability of the waste;

• promote rational consumption of renewable and non-renewable resources;

• achieving the objectives of re-use, recovery and treatment of waste;

• reduce the amount of waste that is subject to final disposal.